St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Valcartier

Gravestone images photographed by Patricia Balkcom & Patrick Keily, 2011.

Images of Gravestones are arranged alphabetically according to the first person listed on a stone.  This may be a husband or wife or another family member, so search for the image by using the possible surnames in that family, including maiden names.  Each image can be magnified by clicking on it. 

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1996.

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Montgomery, William Edward18901902 Aug 12Son of William & Sarah Laughren Montgomery
Leddy, ThomasNot sure where Thomas buried.Mary McBain1819 May 091894 Dec 22
Brown, WalterParents not foundBilling, Violet MayArthur died at nine months old d. 1916
Ross, Robert Jr.18381885 Nov 17Neilson, Elizabeth18451873 Dec 12
Colin, Raymond Francis1922 Jun 211996 Sep 29Lavallee, Mary Marjorie
Lavallee, Leslie G.1923 Sep 09McBain, Margaret H.1928 May 271996 Jun 30
McBain, Arthur1878 Jul 301953 Aug 21Roarke, Mary Jane1886 Nov 171919 Feb 21
Smith, Eva Paquet18731957Buried with James Paquet & E. Armstrong
Paquet, James18451917Buried with E. Armstrong and Eva P. SmithArmstrong, Elisabeth18391926Eva Paquet Smith 1873-1957
Hicks, Henry1839 Oct 271913 Aug 28Richardson, Mary Ann1840 Jan 11911 Nov 24
McCartney, EdwardBuried with mother Catherine McCartneyMcCartney, Mary Jane18641944
Jones, StanWest, Cynthia H.1948 Dec 261988 May 20
Higgins, James Lester18751967Bebbington, Katherine18901958
Johnston, James18571909Broome, Miriam18611942William 1887 - 1922Samuel 1892 - 1916Allan 1894 - 1918
Hicks, Henry Senior18161891Hicks, Mary Ann18171870
Todd, George1825 Oct1903 Apr 9Simpson, Mary18391921 Jun 9Charlotte b. 1876 d. Aug 8, 1900 (24)Louisa b. 1869 d. Apr 1, 1903 (34)Agnes died at aged 3John died as an infant
Hawkins, Fred E.1886 Jul1905 Jun 3Thomas, Mary & Elizabeth Hawkins here too?None
Farquhar, James Newel18181897 Nov 22Simpson, Ann Jane18271903 Oct 14Robert b. 1854 d. Aug 20, 1877 (23)
Knox, Walter1831 Jul 151904 Jul 4Clark, Mary1830, Mar1866 Feb 19John b. Feb 13, 1860 d. Dec 3, 1871William b. Aug 28, 1862 d. Apr 12, 1928Elizabeth b. Feb 21, 1853 d. May 9, 1928
Knox, Thomas17691847 Sep 4Neil, Grace17791864 Jul 25
Right, AlexanderSpelling is incorrect s/b Wright, and McCartneyMcKartney, Agnes18181874 Sep 20
Jack, Thomas18531924 Apr 24McMillan, Mary18581901 Nov 20
Jack, Charles18311908 Jun 30McBain, Marion1834 Mar1906 May 26Isabella b. Sep 1862 d. Jul 8, 1900
Jack, John18201890Jack, Christina18201889Isabella 1855 - 1912David 1862 - 1940James 1846 - Oct 15, 1882
Jack, WilliamHusband not buried hereWolff, Sarah18691939Kenneth 1906 - 1913
Shanks, Reverand David18011871 Nov 12Eaglesham, Helen1870 Jan 21James Hugh b. 1840 d. Apr 14, 1862James S. b. Mar 1862 d. Sep 11, 1866Nellie b. July 1868 d. Feb 10, 1871
Distin, Sanford C.1881 Jul 241902 Jul 8None
Johnston, Arnold Roy1901 Aug 201976 Mar 18Hicks, Annie Alice1901 Nov 131979 Apr 19
Johnston, MalcolmConstance Dorothy1929 Sep 31958 Mar 19Baby Johnston died Oct. 1, 1953
JohnstonNoneBryce James b. May 20, 1959 d. May 22, 1959Brian Allan b. Nov 9, 1960 d. Nov 11, 1960Beverly Margaret b. Jul 25, 1962 d. Jul 26, 1962
Mathews, George1877 Oct 141907 Aug 5He was only 30 when diedNone
Harriet, Samuel1840 Feb 51914 Feb 10Ward, Ann18501929 Mar 2
Aikens, Archie18771974Harriet, Matilda S.18811907 May 19
Cullerton, LawrenceHusband not buried here.McNicol, Sarah Marguerite18791931 Aug 24
Harbott, JosephHusband not buried here.Thompson, Ama Jane18221898 Sep 18
McNicoll, Agnes18171867 Oct 26
Simpson, John18121888 Jun 19Young, Mary18101888 Apr 18
McNicoll, Ellen18291893 Apr 16Margaret b. 1833 d. Nov 30, 1903
McNicoll, Agnes18551871 ?
McNicoll, David18651934None
McNicoll, George1850 Apr 181920 Mar 2None
Rae, John17791846 Jul 31Ainslie, Agnes17701854 Sep 6
Ross, Robert18091893 Oct 23Rea, Mary18061889 Mar 28
Ross, John18351857 Sep 3Ross, Jessie18511872 Jan 27
Ross, Laura Mary18661892 Aug 30
Neil, HerbertHusband buried in AnglicanMcBain, Mathilda Jane18831962
Knox, WilliamHe is not buried here.Arthurson, Mary17891855 Mar 23
Jack, Thomas18241881Brown, Elizabeth18321921Isabella 1855 - 1909Jane 1853 - 1934Elizabeth Ann 1863 - 1945
Thompson, John R.18651904 Feb 29Spouse not buried hereGray, Margaret J.
Thompson, John18231897 Mar 6Henderson, Jane18271875 Sep 15Francis b. 1855 d. Jan 18, 1874
Mather, Margaret18171871 Jul 27Scotland
Aikens, David18061856 Mar 5Broom, Mary18141886 Mar 23Thomas b. 1850 d. July 14, 1855
Thompson, George17851860 May 19None
Mather, John17821868 Dec 8John was 2nd husband of MaryMcCune, Mary17991877 Apr 21
Armstrong, GeorgeGeorge was 1st husband of Mary. Mary died at 78McCune, Mary17991877 Apr 21
McKinley, Andrew17971881 Dec 13His headstone read Androw McKinlyMcCune, Sarah1803Armagh Co., Ireland1885 Apr 6
McKinley, Henry18401924 Jan 25McBain, Mary Ann1847 Jan1909 Jun 16
McCartney, James Menzies Alex1889 Mar 161931 Feb 15Wolff, Janet1846 Apr 281927 Nov 28
McCartney, Andrew1844 Jun 161892 Feb 8Billing, Caroline1879 Nov 81951 Jul 31Ada M. b. June 1905 d. Sep 6, 1905Stuart E. b. May 1914 d. Jul 22, 1914
Jack, James1868 May 251943 Nov 15Dacres, Georgie A.18701899 Mar 6Georgie J. b. Feb 1899 d. Dec 18, 1899
McBain, Arthur1848 Jan 241892 Feb 13Spouse not listedNoneThomas Cecil 1879 - Feb 12, 1882Mary 1883 - Jan 15, 1883Henry 1888 - Jan 27, 1892Alice 1889 - Feb 17, 1892
Knox, WilliamHe was not buried here.Arthurson, Mary17891855 Mar 23
McBain, Curtis18461905 Nov 17Florence was married to Joseph AndersonWard, Caroline18541920 Oct 16Arthur b. June 1890 d. Mar 27, 1891 (10 mo)Cornelius b. 1880 d. Dec 3, 1901 (21)Florence b. 1873 d. Mar 7, 1920 (47)
Goodfellow, William18291902 Oct 25Jack, Ellen1839 Apr1913 Mar 29Matilda Marion b.Apr 20, 1882 d.Dec 31,1887
Williams, William18531926He is buried with siblings - listed belowJack, Marion18751930Thomas 1860 - 1893Margaret 1851 - 1902Catherine 1857 -1915
Turner, John17881836 Jan 7None
Eglinton, A. J.He is not buried hereGoodfellow, J.E. Matilda1888 Jan1911 Apr 17E. Iola Eglinton b. Oct 4, 1910 d. May 5, 1921
Wright, John1847 Jan 71911 Apr 4McBain, Mary M.1844 Sep 21911 Mar 25
McCune, George18651958Charlotte not buried here.Todd, CharlotteEdna McCune 1898 - 1984
Brown, Timothy Allan19521992Bolduc, Nathalie
McBain, Wilson19091989Janet not buried here.Doucet, Janet
McCune, Watson Alexander19031974Daisy not buried hereMcBain, Daisy Isabell
McBain, Neilson1898 Feb 221985 Nov 6He was 87 and she was 64Greentree, Nellie Alina1902 Feb 71966 Feb 14
McBain, Kenneth B.1901 Apr 21962 Jul 14Smith, Constance D.1905 May 21976 May 3
McBain, David18861964Alice and Mrs. D were probably sisters.McBain, Mrs. D.19021924 May 21Alice McCune (sister?) 1902 -1924Also buried is an infant daughter of David's
Corrigan, LawrenceLawrence not buried here.McCartney, Catherine18521939
McCartney, James18591926Dacres, Margreat18681962
Goodfellow, Thomas B.18741922Hornby, Clara V.18721951Agnes Cassie 1902 - 1920William Thomas 1903 - 1918Frances E.C. 1900 - 1950
Brown, Thomas18451921 Jan 29Ireland, Agnes1843 Jan 211934 Dec 2Sydney b. 1877 d. Nov 25, 1903Ethel M. b. 1883 d. Nov 27, 1896Mary Hubert b.Nov29, 1871 d. July 8, 1956
McBain, OliverOliver, the husband not buried here.Crawford, Emma18831906 Apr 15Oliver Cecil b. Apr, 1906 d. Aug 8, 1906
McBain, Graham Henry18741931 Nov 5Son of William McBain And Ann BrownRourke, Alice18781942 May 4
McBain, William18381912 Oct 24Brown, Ann18491924 Jan 18
McCartney, David18341909 Apr 25Aikins, Janet18391923Janet b. Dec 1, 1869 d. Jul 11, 1950Earl b. Jun 1875 d. Brandon Nov 17, 1905
Neilson, Henry Ivan18651931Son of Walter Ivan NeilsonNoneWalter Ivan 1917 - 1973
McKee, James Henry18711959She may have been born in 1874. Fath was HopperIreland, Elizabeth Hannah1874 Aug 261939 Oct 21
Ireland, Hopper1838 Mar 261882 Mar 31Born on the 1st concessionNeilson, Maria U. H.1844 May 241929 Dec 17
McBain, Cecil J.1893 Mar 21960 Mar 18Goodfellow, J. Gladys1899 Jul 271977 Mar 27
McBain, Lewis D. D.1853 Jul 241930 Sep 24Montgomery, Hannah1857 Oct 151925 Aug 25
Clark, J. W.18461943McCoubry, Mary18471917 Jun 1William b. Jun 1879 d. Oct 26, 1897
McBainMary mother of John A., and buried in his plot.Mary Leddy1819 May 91894 Dec 22
Leddy, John A.1858 Aug 181926 Feb 12Billing, Elizabeth18621948Mary K. E. Leddy Feb 25, 1898 - Dec 5, 1899
Brown, Benjamin1867 Jun 91901 Sep 26He is buried with his sisterBrown, Agnes1856 Jan 41858 Mar 29
McBain, David17741834 Nov 18He was 60 when he diedNone
Clark, SamuelSam not buried here.McBain, Helen18411906
McBain, Thomas A.1861 Jan 101936 Jul 20Billing, Margaret1870 Jul 311956 Mar 18Eva Pageau 1892-1966Thomas McBain 1911-1988Augustus Leigh b.Jan 22, 1889 d.Oct 24, 1924
Knox, Walter Wesley1897 Oct 301975 Dec 3Brown, Gwendoline Rachel1896 Feb 241976 Apr 25
Knox, Thomas1858 Mar 141932 Jul 7Son's name Walter WesleyBrown, Delia1869 Sep 151944 Feb 8
Hicks, Alfred18541935Smith, Mary18521920
QuinnHusband not named or buried hereMcBain, Gertrude Emma18841958Agnes Ada McBain Quinn 1889 - 1985Harry Quinn b. 1926Aubrey Quinn 1827 - 1995
Laroche, Albert18971958 Aug 3McCoubrey, Ruth Ida19061952 Jun 9
Whitehead, Robert19051977McCoubrey, Margaret Ada19051977
McCoubrey, Thomas Moses19151984Son of Moses and CarolineTeeter, VivianGlen Thompson
McCoubrey, John S.John not buried hereMcKinley, Lois Agnes1926 May 291980 Jan 14
McKinley, Ellis G.1943 Sep 251981 Jun 13Sylvia not buried here.Soucy, Sylvia
McKinley, Henry1913 Jan 191990 Dec 12Higgins, Elva May1919 Feb 151978 Oct 26
Paquet, James18751965Robertson, Jane L.18811960Wallace David b.Feb, 1913 d.Oct 15, 1965
McCoubrey, Henry Allen1910 Jun 241976 May 12Boyd, Edna1912 Aug 31988 Feb 8Marjorie Una b.Apr 27, 1942 d.Aug 27, 1942
Mercier, Gerard1909 Jan 181968 Jan 7McCoubrey, Annie1912 Jan 121982 Jan 18
McCoubrey, George Hamel19141991Wife not buried here.Higgins, Violet E.
McCune, John18991946Harriet18961969
Brown, Andrew1861 Oct 281933 Jul 6Neilly, Rachel1862 Nov 31926 Aug 19Collin Lester b.Feb 18, 1899 d.Jan 16, 1971
Hornby, John18551932McCartney, Elizabeth18561936Gertrude (m.Bills) 1885 - 1957
Brown, Hopper18681942 Jul 14McBain, Agnes1880 Aug 121967 Aug 4
McKinley, William Walter1916 Feb 41956 Dec 10None
McKinley, Wallace Joseph1908 Sep 261977 Aug 7None
McCoubrey, Henry18491934 Oct 17Pinkney, Rachel18441927 Jun 4
McCoubrey, Moses1875 Sep 61959 Nov 3Children: May, Ada, Ida, Anne, Thomas, GramesThompson, Caroline E.1884 Jan 181946 Apr 15Loretta Dionne b.May 3, 1917 d.Aug 19, 1979May b.Apr 23, 1903 d.Jun 28, 1914
McCoubrey, John A.18821974 Dec 22He was 92 when he diedThompson, Mary18831930 May 20Grames b. Sep 1916 d. Oct 1, 1917 (13 mos)
McKinley, Joseph John1874 Oct 41946 May 30Crawford, Elizabeth1882 Jun 31940 Oct 6
Bastin, MarcelBuried with brother? Ellis Arthur McKinleyMcKinley, Olive Mary Anne1906 Aug 151941 May 1
McKinley, Ellis Arthur1911 Jan 81934 May 1Son of Joseph and Elizabeth CrawfordNone
Fairchild, George MooreNo dates on stoneWolff, Alice MargaretFrances IsabelConstance Neilson
McBain, Henry R.18871943Spouse hard to read, I think she was a MontgomeryMontgomery, Florence M.18851913William Edward b. 1890 d. 1902 Aug 12; 12yrs
Brown, Curtis1845 Mar 101931 Jun 16Montgomery, Deborah1853 Nov 161891 May 27
McCune, Henry17901840 Oct 20None
McNicoll, Alexander1761Argyleshire, Scotland1839 Jul 19He was born in ArgylshireArmstrong, Elizabeth Jane1827Armagh Co., Ireland1893 Oct 2Janet b. Sep 22, 1867 d. Dec 15, 1955
McNicoll, DonaldArgyleshire, ScotlandHe died when he was 97 yrs old.McGreggor, Jane1870 Feb 19Jennet no dates
McCartney, John1789Ayershire, Scotland1854 Feb 27NoneThomas b. 1827 d. Nov 5, 1851 (24)
Neilson, John1776 Jul 17Balmaghie, Scotland1848 Feb 1Died in Cap Rouge.None
McGill, Thomas1798Glasgow, Scotland1843 Jun 30Brown, Helen1809Pennycuick, Scotland1889 Sep 20Charlot J. b. 1842 d. Aug 5, 1890? (48)Isabelle b. 1832 d. Nov 11, 1905 (73)Wilhelmina d. 1845 d. Sep 4, 1907 (62)
Aikins, William1808Ireland1873 Oct 21Wolff, Charlotte18421919Baby Hamill d. 1899
Williams, David1818Jedborough, Scotland1888 Feb 20Knox, Catherine M.18231885 Apr 26Jane aged 6James (twin) aged 3 monthsRobert (twin) aged 3 months
Brown, William1781Pennycuick, Scotland1848 Jan 9Kirkhope, Jane1793Edinburgh, Scotland1865 Mar 21
Brown, ThomasPennycuick, ScotlandNo dates on grave for ThomasBilling, Mary Ann18261892 Feb 18
Neilson, Samuel1800 Feb 7Quebec City, Quebec1837 Jun 17Died in Staten Island on return from GibralterNone
Neilson, William1805 Dec 2Quebec City, Quebec1895 Jul 7Married to Margaret Cassin - she's in Catholic cemNone
McBain, William Snr.1811 Mar 9Quebec City, Quebec1892 Jul 22Daughter Helen buried nearby.Brown, Jennet1812 Jun 11Pennycuick, Scotland1886 Feb 26
McBain, JamesScotlandHe is not listed on headstoneMcCartney, Jennett1850St. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec1879 Jul 12William died Jan 17, 1872, 3 yrs oldEdmund died Jan 12, 1871, 10 days oldAlbert died July 15, 1875, 12 days oldJames died Jan 9, 1876, 5 yrs old.
Leithead, Adam G.Scotland1873 Oct 17Leithead, Isabella18051873 Oct 20
Ross, Robert1775Scotland1853 Jul 16Not sure who Theotios was spouse or other relativeRoss, Theotios1844 Feb 2
Goodfellow, Robert1789Scotland1866 May 31He was born in Roxburgshire, she in InerleithenThompson, Janet1786Inerleithen, Scotland1861 Jul 16
Reynolds, John1827 Feb 9St. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec1902 Nov 12Both buried in Lincoln, NebraskaNeilson, Margaret1842 May 3St. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec1913 Feb 22
Mather, Adam1834St. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec1892 Jun 1McKinley, Mary Ann18421918 Mar 27
Clark, James R.1827St. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec1914 May 15He was 87, she was 89 when diedBerry, Miriam18451934 Apr 17Mary b. 1870 d. 1897 Aug 10
Montgomery, James1810Stirlingshire, Scotland1885 Mar 28Separtate stonesShea, Deborah18171883 Jan 19Eliza b. 1855 d. Jun 15, 1860 (5)
Wright, Alexander1811Stirlingshire, Scotland1872 Dec 26McCartney, Agnes18181874 Sep 20