Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Valcartier

Gravestone images photographed by Patricia Balkcom & Patrick Keily, 2011.

Images of Gravestones are arranged alphabetically according to the first person listed on a stone.  This may be a husband or wife or another family member, so search for the image by using the possible surnames in that family, including maiden names.  Each image can be magnified by clicking on it. 

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1999.

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Wolff, Arthur A.1897 Oct 18Whitham, Annie1888 Jan 15
Billing, WilliamMcBain, JanetDetta Ida Billing d. Jan 19, 1896 (7mos)
Hicks, Alfred1877 Jul 231969 Feb 19None
Crawford, WinstonMcLaughlin, Margaret1942 Apr 21999 Jun 12
Foders, John Henry19421999
James, David Joseph19131997Organ, Mary Margaret19041985
Wood, Stanley19261973McCoubrey, Iona1924
Hicks, Phyllis Eglinton19231984
Sewell, Reginald T.M.1854 Dec 181938 Jan 25Neilson, Agnes18621953
Lavalle, Delbert19141995Robinson, Alice1924
Rankin, AlexHe is not buried hereRichardson, Emma18751970
Richardson, Sarah18681956
Wood, George18781956Her mother was SarahRichardson, Ann18801963
Atkins, George18901955Hamilton, Mary Jane18991962
Roarke, Henry1867 Aug 81949 Aug 18McKinley, Agnes1879 May 121965 Jul 19John b. Oct 20, 1907 d. Aug 22, 1937Edwin J. b. Aug 31, 1904 d. Sep 11, 1950
Neil, William18661930 May 2McBain, Clara Ellen1871 Aug 211901 Mar 30Infant son: James Walley d. May 15, 1908
Shea, Edward JohnBoyd, Rose Ann18601930Collin Shea 1902 -1981
Robinson, James18541934 Apr 1She is not buried here. He was 80 when died.Harrington, Ellen
Robinson, James18791938He was 58 and she was 82 at death.Robinson, Marcella1889 Apr 11971 Feb 22
PorterNo other informationPorter, Mrs. R.V.A.1938 Dec 14
Robinson, Alexander James18881946McCune, Mary Ann18891950Ada 1924 - 1954
Robinson, Thomas18851965 Apr 24Boyd, Bertha18921974 Nov 4
Robinson, Richard19521977Francine1952Valerie 1977 - Still alive
Robinson, William (Bill)1917 Nov 291988 Jul 12L'Etoile, Jeanne
Taylor, AndrewShe was 86 when died. He's not buried herePinkney, Stella M.18891975 Jul 31
Taylor, Thomas18461907 Oct 22Roarke, Martha18551918 Mar 31Andrew Taylor (see sep entry)
Hornby, William18311910 Apr 30He was 79 when he died.Billing, Francis1874 Feb 9
Hornby, John18211902 Oct 16He was 81, she was only 50McCartney, Elizabeth18271877 Dec 28John b. 1858 d. Oct 17, 1899 (41)David b. 1862 d. Jan 20, 1904 (42)David da. Viola Agnes d. Nov 18, 1903 (5y,10m)
Billing, Curtis C.Hamilton, Isabella18581898 Jul 12
Hamilton, David1848 Mar 211922 Jul 8Atkins, Mathilda1864 Oct 61950 Mar 25
Ward, John18461918Dacres, Margaret18581935Thomas Henry 1883 - 1898Florence Ward O'Connor 1901 -1991
Queen, Henry18151901 May 23He was 86 years when diedNone
Thompson, Thomas18761920She is not buried here.Renaud, Alice
Thompson, Frederick Arnold1893 May 211945 Feb 18McCoubrey, Gladys Pozer1898 Jan 181986 Aug 31Edwin J. b. Dec 10, 1922 - still aliveLucienne L. b. Nov 18, 1916 - still alive.
Boyd, Joseph18851964 Nov 17Died in Tewsbury 79Bibeau, Olive
Crawford, Walter George18871915 Jul 3Rourke, Elizabeth18901985 May 5Irena b. 1912 d. Mar 8, 1919Ada b. 1913 d. Mar 17, 1919
Charlwood, William J.D.1889 Mar 281917 May 18Rourke, Martha1884 Nov 101980 Oct 28Oswald Graham b. Jan 28, 1912 d. Oct 18, 1937
Neil, George1917 Aug 3Not sure if married or are sibblings.Neil, Mary Jane1911 Nov 1
Crawford, William18471922 Oct 25Neil, Hannah1857 Jun 61935 Dec 13Mary Jane b. Apr 3, 1881 d. Jan 24, 1895Emma b. Aug 9, 1893 d. Apr 15, 1906Walter George b. Mar 5, 1888 d. Jul 14, 1915Alice b. Sep 2, 1884 d. Oct 9, 1902
Neil, Thomas Edmond1882 Dec 261967 Jul 13None
Neil, John18341916Corrigan, Jessie18421926
Boyd, John18331901Montgomery, Agnes18371927
Neil, William18151901 Aug 27Boyd, Catherine18261910 Sep 28William b. 1851 d. Jan 10, 1873 (22)
Henderson, John17891864 Apr 21They were both 75 when diedBrown, Elizabeth17981873 Jan 16
Boyd, Hugh17861872 Jan 3He was 86 when diedNone
Boyd, William18191880 Mar 20He was 61 and she was 50Shea, Catherine18241874 Jun 19
Gorley, Robert18071895 Nov 24She was 78 and he was 88Stewart, Mary Ann18041882 Apr 14
Thompson, John William1849 Mar1906 Oct 30Goreley, Eliza Jane18491905 Apr 17
Boyd, Margaret Ellen18431910 Jul 1
Boyd, Mary18351907 Feb 25Buried with sisters?
Bocc, JohnAppears to be buried with her sisters Mary & Marg.Boyd, Eliza18301907 Feb 24Sister: Mary d. Feb 25, 1907 (72yrs)Sister: Margaret d. July 1, 1910 (67yrs)
Rolp, JamesNo information on stoneNone.
Penny, Cyril H.1911 Jan 91911 Jun 27None
Penny, Robert B.1897 Nov 51898 Jan 6None
Penney, Francis T.1892 Feb 221915 Aug 8None
Bedard, William18861953 Feb 1He was 67, she was 31 when diedNeil, Dora Emma18931924 Dec 8
McNicoll, AbleShe was 75 when diedCartwright, Margaret18301905 Aug
Cartwright, Joseph18811974Buried near WilliamNone
Cartwright, William18351902 Nov 17He was 67None
Ireland, HopperAll buried near Francis Ireland plot.MaryHannah died Feb 1, 1863 (28)Frank infant twinRichard infant twinWilliam died Jul 2, 1850 (20 months)
Leithhead, WilliamHamilton, IsabellaJames died Dec 2, 1873 (7months)
Hamilton, Alaxander18451875 Mar 24None
Smith, William18391918 Feb 7He was 79, she was 64Parker, Bertha C.18471911 Jun 1
Atkins, John18521917 Jul 17Son Richard.Brooks, Catharine
Atkins, Richard18801911 Aug 6Son of John and Catherine. He was 31None
Berry, James18381906 Mar 29He was 68, she was 73Hicks, Mary Ann18501923 Feb 6
Shea, Joseph18551868 Sep 8He was 48, no parents listed.None
Kack, FrederickJohnston, Barbara Ellen18801957
Sewell, Montague C.1859 Feb 28Wolff, Charlotte E.1892 Jan 11
Parker, JohnDaugher of Col A.J. Wolff.Wolff, Margaret Maria1812 Feb1893 Jun 30
Wolff, Dr. James F.18181880 Jul 31Taylor, Isabella D.18171879 Mar 28
Wolff, George J.18191890 Apr 10McCartney, Mary1811Ayershire, Scotland1880 Oct 20James b. 1851 d. Feb 14, 1881 (30yrs)
Hicks, Joseph1880 Sep 81963 Apr 28Wolf, Maud1879 Aug 181951 Jul 20Dora b. Jun 9, 1903 d. Sep 13, 1903Bower Arthur b. Apr 25, 1910 d. May 28, 1920Stuart b. Aug 6, 1920 d. Jun 15, 1924
Hicks, Joseph18461914 May 18Hill, Alice1854 Jul 271934 Jun 14
Lavallee, John1818 Mar1908 Dec 24John was 90 yrs & 9 mos, Jannet was 70.McCartney, Jannet18221892 Jun 3Ada Lavallee b. 1901 d. May 23, 1924 (23yrs)
Neil, Herbert1879 Feb 221955 Oct 12None
Walley, WilliamNeil, ClaraJames Walley, infant d. May 15, 1908
Rourke, John18451940 Dec 24Neil, Jane18551923 Feb 19George Thomas 1882 - 1971
Wolff, Walter Stuart1889 May 71926 Dec 24None
Jewell, WilliamMaryLaura May b. June 1903 d. Dec 26, 1906
Hicks, Charles18761956McGlory, Martha18851976Hewton 1919 1921
Wolff, Lt. Col. Charles1831 Jan 161909 May 5Isabel was 64 when died. Headstone m/b Neil.Neilson, Isabel18311895 Jan 21
Fairchild, Stuart Lemoine1885 Jun 231929 Oct 25Booner, Sarah Marjorie1883 Aug 12Quebec City, Quebec1974 Aug 12
Watt, Robert18241868 Feb 11erected by Richard WattWard, Jane17951853 Apr 22Willie b. 1847 d. Sep 4, 1848
Ward, Richard17861861 Jan 15Shaw, Margaret17841856 Apr 30
Kack, JohnJohn not buried hereShea, Ellen18971984
Kiely, OliverOliver not buried hereShea, Laura1886 Mar 251970 Apr 24
Wolff, Herbert1928 May 241985 Sep 4Nourse, Sheila1936 Apr 261964 Oct 27
Boyd, George19011973Shea, Gladys18971964
Shea, Mabel19021975
Shea, Cecil John18991966None
Shea, Joseph Edward18831963None
Adams, Walter A.19161965McCarvill, Mabel19251998
Davis, Henry19111978Florence not buried hereRourke, FlorenceEdwin Orvil b. Apr 19, 1943 d. Aug 1, 1958
Henderson, George H.19091975Lavallee, Mary Ellen Elizabeth19081970Norma b. Oct 2, 1946 d. Oct 19, 1946
Bobbit, John1878 Feb 101967 Oct 1None
Crawford, Percy William1909 Dec 21963 Mar 1Jack, Irene19161986Ruby 1935 - 1984
Crawford, William1879 Jun 61945 Nov 25Thompson, Isabella1886 Aug 61984 Apr 16
Lavallee, David18641939 Feb 28Boyd, Deborah18661946 May 27
Lavallee, Leah Winifred19551984 Oct 4
Wolff, Bertha C.1882 Jun 161966 Jul 29Buried with Hanna D. Lewis. Da. of A.Wolff & Annie
Lewis, J. B.He is born in Hull, and is not buried hereLewis, Hanna1872 Aug1950 May 8Bertha C. Wolff1882 Jun 161966 Jul 29
Foders, Lawrence Carol Larry1947 Apr 41961 Aug 20None
Smith, William Parker18721957 Aug 28He was 85 when he died.None
Boyd, Frank1963 Apr 3Robinson, Elizabeth1892 May 241971 Mar 7Herbert 1931 - 1978
Henderson, Thomas G.18771936 Mar 16Boyd, E. Jane18751954 Jan 31Ann Jane 1906 - 1974
Atkins, Edward1866 Mar 221929 Aug 31Kelley, Margaret18651942
Foders, Charles Eugene19101986Mildred not buried here.Gallichan, Mildred
Smith, Richard1852 Mar1942 Aug 25Hicks, Alice1870 Jul 111952 Sep 8
Penney, Robert1900 Dec 111994 May 21Rourke, Una V.1903 Oct 201989 Nov 25
Boyd, William18701934 Jun 4Boyd, Sarah1881 May1972 Jan 20Verner John b. 1911 d. Mar 10, 1935Reginald Parker 1906-1981Una Agnes b. Oct 13, 1903 d. Apr 11, 1987Leslie William b.Jul 23, 1908 d. Apr 24,'86
Hicks, John1875 Oct1937 Dec 17Wife not buried here. His brother Alfred is.Corrigan, Margaret Ann
Penny, Robert G. B.18631947Patton, Caroline M.18701956Jean Florence 1896 - 1948Walter Patton 1906-1934Reginald 1902 - 1974
Richards, Edwin1882 Set 251963 Jul 8None
Wolff, George1939 May 22McMillan, Diana Frances1955 Oct 19
Lavallee, John18741948 Aug 31Robinson, Mary-Jane18811957 Jul 31
Lavallee, John1910 Apr 121981 Jan 26Robinson, Violet1916 Oct 131992 Nov 24Joyce b. Dec 8, 1945 d. Feb 4, 1956Donald b. Aug 27, 1944 d.Jun 20, 1947
RobinsonHe is not buried with herRourke, Barbara Joan19461987
Brown, Edward18211904 Jun 26Calback, Ann18291897 May 25
Wolff, Howard H.1898 Jan 281949 Nov 6Allard, Mary1902 Feb 261957 Mar 20Alma E. (RN) 1904 - 1980
Wolff, Carl N.18591931 Apr 2Son of Chas. S. WolffClark, Sarah1866 May 161964 Nov 29
Robinson, John18911969Charlwood, Katie18951983
Atkins, John19041972Grenier, Yvonne
Henderson, Arnold J.19131978Wolff, Jean1923
Robinson, David Joseph James1913Robinson, Mary Margaret Organ19041985
Bligh, Edward George1867 Apr 12None
Ward, Henry18151879 Jul 8Gertie daughter of John and Matilda Jane WardWard, Elizabeth18281848 Mar 30Gertie Ward, Susan and AnnMatilda Jane died Dec 20, 1881 (76?)Henry Vernal b. 1869 d. Aug 11, 1891
Thompson, Percival George1885 Mar 261972 Apr 14Neil, Mabel1895 Dec 171976 Jun 17Leonard Thomas 1924 - 1998
Dolan, Frank19201978 May 10Corporal RCENone
Hicks, Herbert19041990Hicks, Jean1902Wales1982Clifford d. 1930, one day old.
Robinson, Reginald1926 Aug 231989 Jun 8None
Hicks, Howard19161988None
Robinson, Perry1920 Feb 91994 Nov 29None
Atkins, Mary1910 Jun 41993 Oct 22
Pare, Benoit19221994None
Hawley, William K.19201995Archer, Marie
Ireland, Francis17841849 Jan 15Hopper, Hanna1778Yorkshire, England1855 Jun 9
Morrow, Richard1874 Feb 221944 Feb 13I believe her name was Elizabeth.Goodfellow, Elizabeth1879 Jul 201973 Jan 29Mary Ann 1903 - 1979
Crawford, Henry1886 Mar 91970 Apr 4Billing, Gladys Bryce1896 Feb 121971 Feb 20Mary Hannah Bryce b.Apr 19 1916 d.May 12,'41
Smith, Mervin19181992Spouse not buried here.Crawford, Alice
Lavallee, Gordon1887 Jul 61977 Jun 1Jack, Mary1896 Feb 261989 Dec 11
Rourke, Cecil Lorne1895 Aug 181978 Jun 25Served in 13th Battalion of the black watch highlaHicks, Ada Alice1903 Sep 41995 Apr 27
Smith, Howard1911 Feb 81987 Jun 5McBain, Vivian1915 Mar 161993 Mar 19
Wolff, Hannah18491929 Jun 12Daugher of George J. WolffSt. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec
Smith, Francis18341920Jack, Margaret18331902 Dec 5
Thompson, John Walter18801948Spouse not buried hereDaigle, Laura
Thompson, George1853 Jan 281939 Jan 10Son killed in actionBilling, Mary Ann18561910 May 19Joshua Charles b. Jan 9, 1890 d.Apr 24, 1915
Roark, Mary Jane18751895 Apr 24Buried beside brother James
Roark, John18721891 Oct 19Buried beside sister, Mary JaneNone
Lavallee, Ada19011924 May 23
Ross, Percy D.Percy not buried hereBilling, Ida1879 Dec 221899 JanBeatrice Ida b. July 1895 d. July 1912Mary Marjorie b. Dec 1897 d. Nov 1915
Billing, William1838 Mar 191918 Dec 8I believe Sarah was born in 1841, but not clearBrown, Sarah1841 Jul 201899 Dec 23Wallace b. May 22, 1898 d. May 29, 1899
Billing, Mary Ellen1872 May 221951 Jan 30
Neil, Herbert1879 Feb 221955 Oct 12None
Rourke, Margaret Ann18551873 Oct 20Daugher of Joseph and Sarah Rourke
Rourke, Robert18621893 Nov 16Son of Joseph and Sarah RourkeNone
Billing, Detta Ida1895 July1896 Jan 19Parents are William and Janet Billing
Billing, Thomas18241893 Apr 28Wolfe, Amelia18241895 Nov 2
Rourke, James18801973Mary not buried here.Madden, Mary
Rourke, James18011887 Aug 9James died when he was either 86 or 36Calback, Martha1825Queens Co., Ireland1891 Dec 5
Rourke, John18451940 Dec 24Neil, Jane18551923 Feb 19George Thomas 1882 - 1971
Ward, John18461918None
Ward, HenryHusband not buried hereBrown, Susan1917 Jan 13Susanna 1859 - 1926
Brown, ThomasHusband not buried hereEwing, Mary Ann18571909 Mar 31
McCoubreyHusband not buried hereThompson, Gladys T.1898 Jan 181986 Aug 31
McCormick, GeorgeChildren buried onlyCatherineMary Jane b. Jul 1843 d. Sep 30, 1848 (5yrs,3mo)Thomas b. 1846 d. Oct 1, 1848 (2yrs)Ellen b. Sep 1845 d. Oct 9, 1848 (3yrs, 1mo)
Brown, James18531928 Dec 23None
Rourke, Henry18621939 Jan 8Todd, Helen18661957 Aug 20Charlotte Jessie d. Mar 17, 1901, 1 yearGeorge Ernest d. Dec 24, 1906, 15 years
Smith, William18651945Ida's not buried here.Brown, Ida
Wolff, Charles18551907Smith, Margaret18641932Francis 1897-1899Margaret Ellen 1892-1899Nellie Ada 1900-1924
Bamford, RichardHe's not buried here.Wolff, Isabel1912 Mar 24
Billing, John18281904 Mar 16Agnes was 80 when she died.Neilson, Agnes Janet
Smith, William18171897Ireland, Hannah18131912
Patterson, George1902Aberdeen, Scotland1969Quinn, Ellen G. (Nellie)18981968
Billing, Curtis1785Carlow, Ireland1872 Jan 28He was 87 and she was 86Abraham, Mary Ann1795Queens Co., Ireland1881 Aug 16
Dowler, John1778Fermanagh, Ireland1853 Mar 1Both lived until they were 75Balfour, Ann17861861 Nov 2
Brown, Thomas1778Hexham, Northumberland, England1864 Jul 4Brown, Ann17901864 Aug 31
Lamont, Gilbert1884Liverpool, England1952 Mar 22She is not buried here.Atkins, Mary-Jane18881982
Brown, Thomas1779Northumberland, England1864 Jul 1He was 85 when died.. From Hexham co.NoneMargaret b. 1831 d. May 20, 1837 (6)
Lavallee, David1904Quebec City, Quebec1930 Feb 6Accidently killed in QuebecJack, Alice19051977
Rourke, James1785Ruskin, Queen Co., Ireland1874 Feb 26He was 89, she was 87Abram, Margaret1791Ruskin, Queen Co., Ireland1878 May 4
Crawford, Simmons1909St. Gabriel De Valcartier West1985Rourke, Effie
Hicks, Glenn1970 MarSt. Gabriel De Valcartier, Quebec1970 Sep 23Only 6 months, son of Brent and JosetteNone