16th May 1903
Will of Bridget Corcoran
(wife of Charles Murphy)
From records of Notary Édouard Antill Panet
No. 7045
Transcribed from the Original Will at the Quebec Archives

On this sixteenth day of May one thousand nine hundred and three, before Édouard Antill Panet, the undersigned Notary Public for the Province of Quebec,  residing and practicing in Saint Raymond and before Frederic Duplain, Tinsmith, and Phileas Planté, Wheelwright, both residing in the Village of Saint Raymond, witnesses required by law for the witnessing of the present last will and testament , personally came and appeared Dame Bridget Corcoran, wife of Charles Murphy residing in the Parish of Saint Raymond, Farmer, who being of sound and disposing mind, memory, judgment and understanding as it appeared unto us Notary and witnesses from her words and actions, hath requested us said Notary to write down and receive in due form of law her last will and testament in the manner and form following:

1º I give and resign my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator.

2º I desire that my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid by my Executor hereinafter named as soon as possible after my death.

3º I desire that my body be buried in a manner suitable to my station in life and that a funeral service mass be sung over my remains the day of my funeral and a service at the end of the year of my death.

4º I give, devise and bequeath to my son Peter Murphy at present residing with me, the whole of my moveable and immoveable property, ready money, rights and actions and other property I may die possessed of without exception or reserve to be by him used, enjoyed and disposed of in full property and ownership from and after the moment of my death, instituting him my universal legatee and devisee in full property and ownership and Executor of this my present last will subject to the charge of keeping with him and at his table his father, the said Charles Murphy, as long as he lives, and during that time to feed, clothe and furnish him with all the necessities of life.

And I hereby revoke all other and former last wills and codicils by me heretofore made wishing and desiring that the present alone be followed.

The present will was thus declared by the said Testatrix to the said Notary in presence of said witnesses and by said Notary in the presence of said witnesses read to the said Testatrix who declared to understand it fully and to persist therein.

Done and passed at Saint Raymond in the office of the undersigned Notary on the day, month and year first above written under the number seven thousand [and forty five] and the said Testatrix declaring his inability to write or sign her name hath made her usual mark of a cross in the presence of said Notary and witnesses who have each signed with and in the presence of each other, after the de reading thereof.

Bridget Corcoran, her mark;

Frederic Duplain, his signature;

Phileas Planté, his signature;

E.A. Panet, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville in 2011

Note by Patricia Balkcom: Bridget Corcoran 1st married Joseph Lachaume (s/o Jean-Baptiste Lechaume and Elisabeth Dupont) on 23 June 1857 in St-Raymond Church and 2nd married Charles Black Murphy on 27 August 1866 in St-Basile RC Church. She died on 26 December 1916 and was buried on 28 December 1916 in Saint-Raymond at 79 years of age.