20th March 1912
Last Will of Thomas Dacres
Husband of Ann Brown
From records of Notary Cyrille Tessier
No. 11049
Translated from the Original Will at the Quebec Archives

On this twentieth day of March one thousand nine hundred and twelve, before the undersigned Notaries for the Province of Quebec, Canada, residing & practising in the City of Quebec, personally came & appeared, Mr. Thomas Dacres of the Parish of Beauport, Farmer, who has made as follows his last will and testament:

I give and bequeath to Ann Brown my beloved wife all the property, real and personal, moveable & immoveable which I may die possessed of to have and to hold the same by him in full ownership instituting her my universal legatee and sole Executrix of this my will.

Anything in the above clause to the contrary notwithstanding, my desire and will is that in the event of my said wife contracting a second marriage, then and in that case, she will have to account to my children, I mean that from the date of her second marriage my property will revert to my descendants.

I trust all together to my wife and my will is that no inventory of my estate be made necessary as a consequence of the above clause for my will is that no Curator to  the above substitution be appointed.

This last will & testament received by Cy. Tessier Notary in the presence of Ernest Labrèque his colleague, having been read to the Testator by the first named Notary in the presence of his said colleague, he has declared well to understand the same as containing his last intentions.

Thus done and executed in the Parish of Beauport, residence of the Testator. These presents remaining of record in the office of Cy. Tessier one of the undersigned Notaries under number eleven thousand and forty nine of his records.

In witness whereof the Testator has signed together with and in the presence of the said Notaries who have also signed in the presence of the Testator and of one another after the reading done as above and according to law.

One marginal note good & two words erased null & void.

Thomas Dacres, his signature; E. Labrèque, N.P, his signature; Cy. Tessier, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville,   January, 2013

Note by Patricia Balkcom:  Date of death is not known.