30th August 1865
Last Will of Michael Manning
Husband of Ann Crotty
Transcribed from the original (Number 336)
at the Quebec Archives
“Register of Holographic Wills, Testaments, and Codicils.”

This is the last Will and Testament of me, Michael Manning – First, I wish that all my lawful debts be paid after my death. Second, I wish that I shall be buried in a proper and decent manner in the Parish of St. Catherine Fossambault. Thirdly, I leave and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Ann Crotty, all my real and personal property whatsoever, all monies due me or becoming due after my death, for her to enjoy the said property during her life, to do and dispose of the same as she may deem proper and fit, relying that she will not forget at her disposal of the said property our good children. Fourthly, I do hereby appoint and do appoint my said beloved wife to be my Executrix of my said Last Will and Testament made in the presence of my friends, Robert Conrad Mailhot, Esquire, James Tait, and William Cole who have signed with me their respective names as attesting witnesses.

Singed the present Will and Testament in our presence and have signed the same in presence of each other as attesting witnesses this thirtieth day of August one thousand eight hundred and sixty five.

Michael Manning, his signature;

Robert C. Mailhot, his signature;

James Tate, his signature;

William Cole, his signature.

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, May, 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Michael died 5 days later at the reported age of 63.