19th April 1851
Will of Alice Morrissey
(widow of John Darmody)

From the Notary Records of Edouard Tessier
Record #2878
From Microfilm #4M01-5742 at the Quebec Archives

Before us the undersigned Notaries Public residing in the City of Quebec and the undersigned witnesses hereafter named, personally came and appeared Alice Morrissey, widow of the late John Darmody, residing in the Parish of St. Catherine, Seigniory of Fossambault, being in good bodily health and of sound memory, judgment and understanding as it appeared to us the Notary and witnesses by her discourse and proposals, who declared unto us the said Notary in the presence of the said witnesses that considering the certitude of death and the incertitude of its hour, she was desirous of making her last will and testament which she dictated and named word for word to us the said Notary in the presence of the said witnesses, as follows, that is to say:

First, I recommend my soul to Almighty God.

Secondly, I do will and ordain that all my just debts be paid and wrongs satisfied as soon after my death as possible by the Executor of my said will hereafter named and that my body be interred decently according to my way.

Thirdly, I do give and bequeath unto Michael Darmody, my son, all and every my property real and personal, moveable and immoveable which I have already given and granted unto him as donation passed this day before Maitre Édouard Tessier and his colleague Notaries, which donation I do hereby ratify, confirm and approve, agreeing that he may use, enjoy and dispose of the same in full property under and by virtue of the said donation & at the charge by the said Michael Darmody to accomplish all the conditions mentioned and specified in the said donation.

Fourthly, I do give and bequeath unto the said Michael Darmody my said son all my other property real and personal, moveable and immoveable, which I may die possessed of and which may be due and owing to me in any wise whatever, in whatever place that the same be situated and to whatever amount that the same may be, for and by the said Michael Darmody, to use, enjoy and dispose of all my said property real and personal, moveable and immoveable in full property under and by virtue of my present will and testament, instituting him my universal legatee.

Fifthly, and to execute my present will and testament I do name and appoint the said Michael Darmody, my said son, and finally I do revoke all other wills and codicils that I may have hereafter made agreeing and willing that my present last will and testament be executed according to his form.

Thus done, named and dictated by the said Alice Morrissey unto to said Notary in the presence of Pierre Guillet dit Tourangeau, merchant and William Handford, cooper, both of the said City of Quebec and after that her present will hath been read and read over again to her by the said undersigned Notary in the presence of the said above named witnesses, she persisted then in declaring it contains her will and desire.

Done and passed at the aforesaid City of Quebec, in the office of Maître Édouard Tessier, the said undersigned Notary, on the nineteenth day of April of the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty one, and under the number two thousand eight hundred and seventy eight, and the said Alice Morrissey declared that she cannot write nor sign her name, demand thereof by us duly made, & in the presence of the said witnesses, and the said witnesses have signed these presents with us the said Notaries first duly read and read again according to law.

P.G. Tourangeau, his signature;

W. Handford, his signature;

M. Légaré, N.P., his signature;

Éd. Tessier, N.P., his signatiure

(Transcribed by Gerry Neville – March 2011)

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Mary died four years later (September 23, 1855) at the reported age of 65 years.  Although only one child is mentioned in the will, she had at least six children, five of whom were living at this time.