22nd September 1873
Last Will of Henry Patton
Husband of Elizabeth Harriat

From the records of Notary Charles Henry Andrews,
Record No. 1753
Quebec Archives Online

On the twenty second day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy three at the request of Henry Patton, the elder, of the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, Farmer, and in the office of Charles H. Andrews, Public Notary, situate in the Victoria Chambers in the Lower Town of the City of Quebec in the presence of John Fraser of the City of Quebec, Public Notary, I the said Charles H. Andrews duly commissioned and residing at the City of Quebec in the Province of Quebec  did write down and receive his last will and testament which he made and dictated in manner and form following, that is to say:

I give, devise, and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Elizabeth Harriat, all my property of which I may die possessed of both moveable and immoveable and of any kind whatever to have, hold, and enjoy the same after my decease as her own absolute property and I desire and request that my said wife should by her last will bequeath to my grand daughter, Jane Patton, daughter of Francis Patton, the sum of one hundred dollars.

It was thus made, dictated, and named by the said Testator unto me the said Notary in the presence of my colleague the present will having been read to said Henry Patton in the presence aforesaid the said Henry Patton having declared to have perfectly heard and understood the same and persisted therein declaring it contained entirely his last will and testament.

Done and executed at the said City of Quebec in the office of Charles H. Andrews one of the undersigned Notaries on the day and year first above written under the number one thousand seven hundred and fifty three the said Henry Patton having signed.

Henry Patton. his signature

John Fraser, his signature

C.H. Andrews, Notary, his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Henry was first married to Jane Catherine O’Neill in 1835 and they had eight known children.  She died in March of 1873 and Henry remarried in 1873.  I have not found a burial record for him.  He wrote this will on the day of his marriage to Elizabeth.