28th June 1909
Last Will of Jessie Rourke
Widow of Curtis Collins Billing

From records of Notary John Buckworth Parkin
No. 5838
Transcribed from the original at the Quebec Archives

On the twenty eight day of June one thousand nine hundred and nine, before the undersigned Notaries Public for the Province of Quebec, Canada, residing and practising in the City of Quebec, came and appeared Mrs. Jessie Rourke, widow of the late Curtis Collins Billing, in his lifetime of Valcartier, in this said Province, Farmer, who has requested us to receive her last will and testament, which she instantly made, named and dictated, and which I, John B. Parkin, one of the said Notaries, have at her request reduced to writing in manner and form following:

First, I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my Executor hereinafter named as soon as possible after my decease.

Secondly, I direct that a monument with suitable inscription be erected over my family lot in the Valcartier Cemetery to the memory of my husband, my father & mother, my sister & myself, to cost about four hundred dollars.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my friend Miss Isabella Goodfellow of Valcartier, the rest or residue of my estate and property real and personal, moveables, money in bank or otherwise, and I constitute her hereby my universal legatee.

Fourthly, I name and appoint the said Miss Isabella Goodfellow to be sole Executrix of my present last will & testament, into whose hands I divest myself of all my estate and property from and after my decease, and of fifty dollars for her services as such.

Fifthly, I revoke all wills by me at any time heretofore made and declare the present to contain my only true last wishes and intentions.

It was thus made, named, and dictated by the said Testatrix to the said John B. Parkin, in the presence of Felix A. LaRue, also of the City of Quebec, Notary Public, and after her present will has been read over to her by the said John B. Parkin, in presence of his said colleague, she declared to have perfectly heard and understood the same and persisted therein.

Done and executed at the said City of Quebec, in the office of the said John B. Parkin under the number of his minutes five thousand eight hundred and thirty eight, the said Testatrix having signed her last will and testament with and in the presence of the said Notaries who have signed in her presence and in the presence of each other according to law.

One marginal note is good.

Jessie Billing, her signature;

F.A. LaRue, N.P., his signature;

J.B. Parkin, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerry Neville, 2011

Note by Patricia Balkcom:  Jessie died on the 16th of December 1925 at age of 71.  Isabella Goodfellow was her first cousin.