Document Date: July 30, 1823
Transaction Type: Petitions
Quebec Archives # E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D1176
Transcriber: Patricia Balkcom
Surnames Mentioned: Kerr, McMillan, Sinclair, Stark, McCartney, Berry, Johnson, Bawman, Fisher, Ward, Mathers, McNichol, Ross, Brown, Sweeney, Haney, Goodfellow, Hunt, Imrie, Murphy, McQuillan

Application of Andrew Kerr and others, to the Committee responsible for administering the property of the Jesuits, in order to get grant land concession in the new Pine River, St. Gabriel lordship. – July 30, 1823

The signatories are: Andrew Kerr, John Kerr, Thomas McMillan, James McMillan, John Sinclair, David Sinclair and his son, William Stark (?), James McCartney, father and son, Thomas Berry, John Johnson, Robert Bawman, James Fisher, Robert Ward, John Mathers, James Mathers, Donald McNichol, Robert Ross, William Brown, John Brown, Patrick Sweeney, James Sweeney, Daniel Sweeney, John Sweeney, Richard Ward, James Donoho (Donohoe, Donahue, Donaghue), Elijah Hany (Haney), Horace Haney, Robert Goodfellow, William Goodfellow, C. Hunt, John Imrie, Ferdinand Murphy, Michael Murphy, Edward Sweeney and Alexander McQuillan.

This is a transcription of the documents that follow.  It appears that if you look closely at the document that the word “granted” was written in pencil besides the names of a few of the petitioners.  It is not clear, therefore, if these were the only ones who received the land. 

To the Honorable the Commissioners for managing and improving the Estates heretofore belonging to the late Order of the Jesuits.

The Petition of the undersigned humbly (?)

That your petitioners have for several years past had it in contemplation to effect a settlement upon the River aux Pines in the Seigniory of St. Gabriel if you Honors would be pleased to grant unto them lands upon the said River but delayed making any direct applications to your Honors until the same should be surveyed.

That the said lands having been lately by order of your Honors laid out in Lots and surveyed your petitioners humbly pray that your Honors will be graciously (?) to grant unto them lots of land within the said tract.   And your petitioners as duty bound will every pray.

Quebec 24th July 1823

Signed by:

Andrew Kerr

John Kerr

Thomas McMillan

James McMillan

John Gindaus (?)

David Sinclair, Jr.

William (?)

James McCartney, Sr.

David Sinclair, Sr.

Thomas Berry

John Johnson

Robert Bawman

James Fisher

Robert Ward

John Mathers

Donald McNichol

Robert Ross

William Brown

Patrick Sweeney

James Sweeney

Daniel Sweeney

John Sweeney

Richard Ward (granted)

James Donohoe

Elijah Haney

Horace Haney

Robert Goodfellow (granted)

William Goodfellow (granted)

C. Hunt

Richard Ward

John Imrie

Ferdinand Murphy

Michael Murphy

Edward Sweeney (granted)

Alexander McGullen

Quebec 30 July 1823

J.        J. Stewart, Agent for Petitioners