June 6th 1928   For permission to publish public notices in English language.

Aug 7th 1928    Condolence extended on the death of Charles Jack Sec. Treas.

                        Strictly forbidding bathing in Fairy Lake in close proximity to Public road.

                        That Percy Montgomery be appointed Sec Treas.

Nov 5th 1928    get lawyer’s advice about winter road crossing J. A. McCartney’s property.

Dec 3rd 1928    order Colin Brown to take down gates to cross McCartney’s property

May 26 1929    wages $2.50 per day for a man; $1.25 for a horse 10 hour day.

June 4 1929     gravel $0.15 a team load and 7 ½ cents a single horse load.

Sept 23 1929   to attend the funeral of Edward Atkins.

Dec 2 1929      petition federal to abolish income tax on electricity.

Jan 7 1930      see Robt Goodfellow & James McCartney about the road to go through the Scotch Hill

Feb 3 1930        This council does not agree to close the road from Valcartier to Stoneham.

April 4 1930     to lay out road leading from Valcartier village to iron bridge.

May 5 1930       to undertake the making of road through the Scotch hill, $2000.00 to be spent on this portion.

May 16 1930     do accept Robert Goodfellow’s offer of $200.00 to cross his property.

June 2 1930      do pay James McCartney $100.00 for his portion of land.

Dec 1 1930        By-Law No. 24 amending proces verbal for road through hill at the Scotch Church be accepted

April 7 1931      to replace the late James McCartney’s term of office.

Sept 8 1931      ask minister of roads to keep roads Loretteville to iron bridge open for car traffic for the coming winter.

Jan 3 1933        Michael Corrigan to be responsible for all accidents from snow coming off his buildings.

Jan 2 1934        there be 2 cords of wood bought from George Wolff for Ann Quinn, at $3.00 per cord.

May 7 1934       $4.00 to Mr. Kack for taking Ann Quinn to hospital

June 5 1934      $1.50 bill of Willie Boyd’s accepted for work done on the basin hill.

Aug 6 1935       $100.00 for a gravel pit to Robert Goodfellow 1 acre in depth and 2 acres in length.

Jan 7 1935        A vote of thanks to Alfred Hicks for his service as Mayor on his retirement.

Feb 4 1935        $4.50 to David Lavallee for maintaining his own right of way known as the McClory Road.

April 1 1935      20 cents an hour for a man and 10 cents for a horse.

Aug 5 1935       Valcartier Poultry Farm reduce the valuation.

Nov 4 1935       Ask Provincial Works Dept. to widen and deepen the Scotch hill. And shore up the side to prevent undermining the cemetery.

Dec 2 1935       To pay Mervin Boyd’s bill

Dec 9 1935       Give George Wolff $5.00 for keeping the winter road to Fairy Lake.