Transcribed by Audrey Henderson, August 2014

Quebec City Archives

Themis Database of Court Records

June 26, 1847

Piece #52882

Localization #3 B 023 04-02-003A-01

Contenant #1960-01-357\103  

(Note by Patricia Balkcom – I do not know who this William O’Neill is.  Was he from the Catholic or the Protestant O’Neill families in Valcartier?  I cannot find any listing for a William O’Neill in Valcartier in the 1852 Census.  In 1833, there was another court case in Valcartier in which a William John McNeill was involved, it’s possible these two are same person.)                                                     

Dated 26th  day of June 1847



William O’Neil


John Clarke Jnr

Assault & Battery

For a

Summary trial under the Prov. Stat. 4 & 5, Vict. Cap. 27. Sec 27



BEFORE ME the undersigned, one of the Justices of our Sovereign Lady the Queen, assigned to keep the Peace within the District of Quebec, this twenty sixth day of June in the year of our Lord Christ, One thousand eight hundred and forty seven Personally came and appeared William O’Neil, of Valcartier.

Who being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, doth declare, depose, and say, as follows: – to wit, That this morning at the Parish of St. Roch of Quebec, Deponent was violently assaulted, struck and beat by John Clarke Junior of Valcartier without provocation or cause and against the Peace of our Sovereign Lady the Queen. Wherefore this Deponent prays for a summary trial of the present complaint in conformity to the provisions of the Statute, in such case made and provided. Further the said deponent saith not, and hath

Sworn before me, at the City of Quebec, this 26th day of June 1847.

Signed: ?? McCord,  J.P.

Signed: William O’Neill